“Black Lives Matter” parking spot causes controversy in Idaho town

0921-mtn-home-black-lives-matterMountain Home, Idaho (KBOI) — It was a packed house, the crowd overflowing onto the sidewalk as superintendent James Gilbert addressed the community about the Black Lives Matter mural in the Mountain Home High parking lot which has sparked a bit of controversy and a couple protests.

During his appeal Gilbert says he doesn’t find the mural controversial at all, but rules are rules, “There are other areas where we can allow student paintings. the fact that it’s in a parking lot is what the issue is.”

Those protesting however tell us they are not buying the explanation that it’s the location of the mural and not its content which is the issue. One student said, “Whether he said that or not it is about the painting. We have personalized murals all over the school and this didn’t become a problem until the black woman with the hashtag ‘Black Lives Matter’ came into our school.”

Standing firm by their beliefs, the students protesting say they’ll continue to protect this mural for as long as they see fit.

The superintendent says the students have every right to do that, but he wants them to understand this problem wasn’t caused by students — it was caused by adults not following protocol.

However Gilbert admits at the moment he doesn’t know how this mistake will be resolved. ”From here forward, I don’t know when those are going to be covered up. I don’t know if they’re going to be covered up. I haven’t even thought about it that far,” he said — leaving hope for the protesters that this mural may one day not need they’re protection to survive.

Gilbert also applauded the students for having the guts to stand up for what they believe in, to which the students protesting say they’re grateful for the compliment.

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