Hunger Action Month

Thank you to everyone who supported the Hunger Action Month campaign!  Find out how amazing the results were in this report

Thank you for joining Weekend Beer Company and Appliance and Mower Center and KOBI-TV NBC5 in supporting the Josephine County Food Bank. 

There are also other locations that accept donations including the Josephine County Food Bank at 3658 Upper River Road in Grants Pass (donation hours are Monday through Thursday 8:00 am to 3:30 pm). Food Barrels in the Grants Pass area are located at:

  • Del Saito Martial Arts Training Center – 1535 Harbeck Road
  • Tamerans Dispensary – 3388 Merlin Road
  • Mountainview Family Practice – 741 NE 6th Street
  • Roe Motors – 201 NE 7th Street
  • KAJO Radio – 888 Rogue River Highway
  • Lithia Dodge of Grants Pass – 1421 NE 6th Street

  • OSU Extension Service – 215 Ringuette Street

  • Kelly’s Automotive Service – 1661 NE 6th Street

  • Northwest Community Credit Union – 1532 NE F Street

  • Club Northwest- 2160 NE Vine Street

  • Downtown Visitors Center- 101 NW A Street

On SUNDAYS ONLY the following Grants Pass area Church of Latter Day Saints locations will accept donations:

  • 1969 Williams Highway
  • 747 NE Savage Street
  • 339 Jumpoff Joe Creek Road (Merlin)

Click here to find more ways you can help.

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