Four Oregon Marijuana Retailers Fail OLCC Decoy Checks

Medford, Ore.- The Oregon Liquor Control Commission ran a sting operation on a dozen dispensaries in the Rogue Valley last month and found four retailers were non-compliant, which means they were caught selling pot to minors.

“The reason why we need to follow these regulations is so that it doesn’t end up in the hands of children,” Shannon Weldon, manager at Hijinx Cannabis Company said.

Hijinx Cannabis Company in Medford were one of the four that failed.

“We took it as a learning lesson,” Weldon said. “I mean we are trying to not have that as a repeat mistake.”

The store has ramped up its training since the incident.

“We check the birth-date on the ID, we check if it’s valid, and we make sure it’s not a fake ID,” she said. “We get you right when you enter the store, we’re not even going to talk about products or even try to sell you anything until we know you are of age.”

Selling to a minor can result in a 10 to 30 day license suspension or a fine of $1,650 depending on whether the sale was deliberate.

According to OLCC, Southern Oregon’s compliance rate is at 67 percent, whereas the average compliance rate statewide sits at 76 percent.

The three other marijuana stores that were found non-compliant include Cannabiz Experience, Rogue River Herbal, and Rogue River Cannabis.

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