Friday October 20th is the 5 year anniversary of Medfords only unsolved murder

Medford, Ore.- It’s Medford’s only unsolved murder. Huey Huson, killed sometime on the night of October 20th, 2012.

And now, Medford Police say that all they need is one call to help finally solve this five year long case.

“Someone out there knows. No doubt about it,” Lieutenant Justin Ivens of Medford Police says.

And as Friday marks five years of waiting, Huson’s wife Susan cries as she explains her loss and says, “I need closure and I want justice for my husband.”

Today, the investigation into the murder of cab driver Huey Huson continues after he was killed five years ago on his birthday.

Medford Police say that on his last night alive, Huson was working as usual, driving for Valley Cab.

According to Medford Police, Huey Huson picked up a fare that night, and then the next morning around 5 A.M. his car was found abandoned in a parking lot at Almond and 9th.

Medford Police later found his body in North Medford.

But the time between Huey Huson’s pickup at Howiee’s and Medford Police discovering his body is where things get start to get murky.

“We have a large window of time that we cant account for,” Lieutenant Ivens says.

That big gap in time has left MPD with unanswered questions.

Ivens explains, “What we’re trying to figure out is what happened when that time that fare was picked up and when his vehicle was recovered.”

Those unanswered questions have left Huson’s widow Susan waiting for closure.

“I don’t think it’s fair that the person that did this is living their life everyday and you know like nothing ever happened. And they’re not paying for the crime they committed,” Susan says as her voice gets shaky.

Medford Police describe a person of interest in the case as a white man with a fair complexion. At the time, they believe his skin was marred with acne. He’s believed to be between 25 and 35 years old, about 6″1,’ and likely between 170 and 190 pounds.

But even with that description, Medford Police say some of the people who may have seen that person of interest and or any helpful clues in the case, might not be reliable witnesses.

“You’re also dealing with a lot of witnesses that have consumed alcohol. That could cause them to be impaired,” Lt. Ivens tells NBC5 News.

But MPD says it could take just one call to turn things around and send them in the right direction.

“We’re looking for that tip that comes from someone who has direct information of who’s responsible for this (…) someone out there knows what happened to this gentleman and we’d like to know the answer.”

Meanwhile Huey Huson’s wife Susan has one thing to say to her husbands killer as the anniversary of his unfortunate passing approaches.

“Where is you conscience?”

Friday would have been Huson’s 61st birthday.

If you have any information on his murder you are urged to call Medford Police.

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