Golf courses remain open to public with some changes to normal operations

MEDFORD, Ore. — As playgrounds and parks close there’s one outdoor activity still open to the public. Golf courses are staying open with some changes to normal operations.

The Rogue Valley Country Club says it’s seeing an increase in the number of people coming to the course. To keep the community safe, it’s making sure all the equipment is fully cleaned each night. It’s also limiting the number of people who are in golf carts and near each other during play.

“It’s very nice for people that have been sitting in their house for quite a while for something to do and get away, so with all these limitations they really haven’t had any problem with them,” Rogue Valley Country Club Golf Pro, Tracy Synder said.

Snyder says the course will remain open as long as it’s allowed. There are multiple golf courses in our area still open with the exception of Oak Knoll in Ashland.

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