Gun regulations on the table for Oregon’s 2019 legislative session

MEDFORD, Ore. – This year, the Oregon Legislature will be a little different because Democrats hold supermajorities in both the House and Senate.

Leaders are expected to take up a wide variety of issues. One bill up for discussion focuses on your Second Amendment rights, Senate Bill 501.

Eric Gramer is the owner of Black Flag Armory in Medford. When speaking about S.B. 501, he said, “It’s just so ridiculous, I guess is the best word I can think of to use for it… it’s so over the top.”

If passed during Oregon’s 2019 legislative session, the bill would put stricter regulations on gun owners and those wanting to own guns.

“It seems a little silly because if people are looking at committing crimes they’re already not following the law,” Gramer said. “So what are more laws going to do but make it more difficult for people who do follow the rules?”

More than just a concealed carry permit, a person would need a separate permit just to get a firearm.

The bill would also prohibit gun owners from having a magazine with the capacity to hold more than five rounds of ammunition.

“The difficult thing with have something like five rounds is that there’s not a whole lot of manufacturers—period—that make a five-round magazine. It’s just not there.”

Both S.B. 501 and another bill up for consideration, House Bill 2505, have requirements for keeping guns under lock and key.

House Bill 2505 stems from the 2012 mall shooting at the Clackamas Town Center where Cindy Ann Yuille and Steven Forsyth were both killed.

The gunman had stolen an unsecured, fully-loaded rifle to carry out the attack.

In the aftermath, Governor Kate Brown made it clear. She believes the state should push for stronger gun laws, saying “More than 600 Oregonians have died from violence inflicted with a gun, more than a 100 of those due to homicidal violence.”

At the end of the day, Gramer understands where lawmakers are coming from, but believes there are other ways to prevent crimes. He said, “I understand the overall goal is to reduce crime and to have a better quality of life, but I think there are way better ways to do it.”

Both bills are currently being reviewed by the judiciary committees.

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