Hornbrook family loses everything

HORNBROOK, Calif. — All mandatory evacuations have been lifted for residents in Siskiyou County and tonight, many families are returning home. Sadly, for many in the most devastated areas, there’s little to return to. NBC5’s Amanda Rose spoke with one family today who lost everything.

The Puckett family returned to their home in Hornbrook on Tuesday, but it’s a total loss. Even still, they remain positive saying it’s a new beginning.

“We never thought in a million years that the fire would come here,” Robert Puckett said.

Now, they’re picking through what remains – children’s toys, cars, clothes, remnants of their life and past memories living on Oregon Road since 1989.

Last Thursday, Puckett say he saw the flames but didn’t realize it was so close. That is, until the fire crossed the river.

“That was all real tall dry grass boy and when it hit that it flew,” he said.

Puckett says the family of seven frantically grabbed what they could, but still hoped their home would be spared. A Calfire firefighter showed up, but they didn’t have enough time.

“He was standing there yelling at us that we got to leave,” he said.

There was nothing more they could do; their home burned to the ground.

“As long as you get your family out that’s the most important thing. Everything else can be replaced,” Puckett said.

Despite the devastation, Puckett says the family is trying to remain positive.

“The bible says there’s joy in the morning and you know, that’s what we’re looking for,” he said. “It’s a new beginning and we just have to start from scratch.”

The Puckett family says they would also like to thank Calfire and ODF for all their help and support through this difficult time.

To make a donation to the Puckett family please click here.

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