House votes to override Trump’s veto of defense bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NBC) – In a bipartisan rebuke for President Trump, more than a two-thirds House majority voted to override his veto of the National Defense Authorization Act. It’s the first time it’s happened during the Trump presidency.

Trump said he vetoed the bill because it would allow for the renaming of military bases that now honor Confederate military leaders and because it fails to strip liability protections from websites over what their users post.

The override followed a close vote in the House to increase coronavirus stimulus checks from $600 dollars to $2,000, a move pushed by the president but backed by Democrats.

It sets up a test for Republicans in the Senate who generally oppose increasing the stimulus checks. But there’s no guarantee Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will even bring the measure to the Senate floor for a vote.

Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders said he will try to block the vote on the Defense Authorization Act override until there’s a vote on increasing the coronavirus stimulus checks.

The term for the current Congress ends January 3rd.

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