Best to do activities outdoors during pandemic, health officials say

MEDFORD, Ore. — With southern Oregon counties back open, there are ways you can stay safe while still integrating back into, what some might call, a ‘normal’ life.

When it comes to dining at restaurants or shopping in stores, Jackson County Health Officer Dr. Jim Shames says it’s best to say outdoors when possible.

He says the droplets of the virus can be easily transferred by talking, laughing, and more.

And if you’re not wearing a mask and within 6 feet of someone, he says your risk of getting the virus is more likely in an enclosed space.

“It is quite possible those droplets are going to land on some kind of mucus membrane. If you’re outdoors and there’s a little bit of a breeze, it goes about a foot and then it gets wafted up into the air,” said Dr. Shames.

He says really any activity you can think of, including shopping, will be safer outdoors.

Luckily, Dr. Shames says the weather is improving every day.

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