Dennis Richardson announces candidacy for Oregon Secretary of State

Ore. — He hinted at a run for office during a 5 on 5 with NBC5 in October, now former legislator, lawyer and veteran Dennis Richardson is making it official. He will run for Secretary of State. After failing to end John Kitzhaber’s re-election bid, Richardson’s hoping that his run for governor last year will help him this time around.


“We don’t need business as usual, we need open, transparent, and accountable government, and that’s my pledge,” Richardson says.



Here is a statement from Richardson that was posted on is Facebook page:


I am excited to share with you that I have decided to run and become our next Secretary of State. I appreciate all of the posts and messages on social media encouraging me to get involved. Those of you who have been following along know I haven’t given up on Oregon. What’s happening in our state is too important, and when any of us have a voice and can use it, we must step up for those who don’t and can’t.

This race is about getting our state back to being accountable to the taxpayers. We’ve seen things like the sweetheart deals at the Department of Energy, the continued failure of our public schools, and project after project that wastes millions of taxpayer dollars and never get off the ground. It’s time to say enough!

To make these changes, I’m going to need your help. If you’re ready to help make Oregon more transparent, accountable and honest, please consider going to and signing up to volunteer or contribute your political tax credit (or more if you’re able) to the campaign.

Restoring trust in our state government is worth whatever sacrifice it will take. I believe in Oregon, and I’m committed to doing my part. I hope you’ll join me in this worthy effort. Help me become Oregon’s next Secretary of State!

Richardson told NBC5 News two weeks ago that he sees no change and no accountability in what he calls a waste of public money and is looking for transparency in government.

Lane County Commissioner Sid Leiken, has already announced his decision to run for the position, as have three democrats — former House Majority leader Val Hoyle, Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian and State Senator Richard Devlin.

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