Mounted archery competition gallops into the Rogue Valley.

Eagle Point, Ore — It’s a sport that spans back into ancient history, but only recently has mounted archery gained attention in the United States.

Combining speed, accuracy and strength, the largest mounted archery competition in the country is in the Rogue Valley.

“It takes balance, and focus, a lot of focus to hit the target,” said Samantha Edgar.

That’s why competitors like Edgar and her horse Woodrow are in eagle point, to test their skills on the course.

“The learning experience is mainly why I’m allowed to skip my second week of school,” said Edgar.

The competition attracted archers from as far away as Japan, and Korea and Brazil as well as 15-year-old Edgar, who says her mom got her interested in the sport.

“My mom said, oh, Sam would love this, you should try it, and I just never quit,” said Edgar.

Mounted archery is a rein-less sport which frees the rider to turn in the saddle and actually fire the arrow and without reins to steer the horse, it comes down to a bond of trust between the rider and their partner.

“The main component of it is liking your horse and having your horse like you, and being able to shoot a bow and keep your balance at the same time,” said Edgar.

Making the competition as challenging as it is, rewarding.

For more information visit the Rogue Mounted Archers website at

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