Never give up: Holocaust survivor shares her story of triumph

MEDFORD, Ore. — At 90-years-old, Eva Schloss has witnessed many things over the years, including one of the worst events in world history—the Holocaust.

Most people know the story of Anne Frank, the young girl whose diary was published after dying in a concentration camp in Germany. Frank was her childhood friend and stepsister. Schloss helped publish her diary after the war. Now, Schloss is sharing her story.

“When I came back from Auschwitz, I wanted to talk,” Schloss said. “I wanted to tell people the terrible things that had happened.”

At 13-years-old, Schloss’s family was forced to go into hiding for two years, until they stayed at a double-agent’s home who turned them over to the Nazi’s. Schloss and her mother survived but lost her father and brother to the concentration camps.

“A lot of people go through, luckily not through this terrible thing, but through difficult periods in your life, ” said Schloss, “and sometimes they give up, they can’t cope with it, they get depressed and even commit suicide… and this is something as well I want to highlight.”

Today her mantra is simple… never give up.

“Life goes up and down, nobody has only downsides, there is always a silver lining. Yes, I will have some difficulties, but I’m strong enough to cope with it because I know things are going to get better.”

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