SOU students stand in solidarity with UCC

Ashland, Ore — A week later the shooting at Umpqua Community College still resonates in Southern Oregon.

Now students are rallying together in support of their peers.

As soon as the clock struck 11am college students throughout the west coast and the country bowed their heads in silent thought and prayer in support of those lost at UCC. That was no different at Southern Oregon University.

Heads bowed and hands held tight, Southern Oregon University joined schools throughout the country in a show of solidarity.

A moment of silence for those lost a week ago at Umpqua Community College.

“In times like these when there’s a tragedy and we are all grieving coming together and having that space to be with one another I think is really important,” said Student Body President Torri Uyehara.

“We have a lot of students here who have transferred from UCC or are from Roseburg and attending here, so a lot of close connections and close ties,” said Ryan Brown with Sou Media Relation.

The support wasn’t all silent.

“We care, we wanted to lend support for our neighbors, it’s really close by one of our own, a veteran was involved and as the veteran community down here, we wanted to lend support not just to the students and their families but to the community up there,” said Nathan Comer with the Student Veterans Association.

The Student Veterans Association at SOU sought to turn a moment of grief and reflection into a moment of strength.

“We’re a body, a student body here, it could have happened here, it could happen at any school so to have a function like this it brings everybody together lets us know that we’re all here for each other,” said Comer.

Every cent raised by the barbecue will go to victims families, along with a message of hope.

“It’s a matter of pulling together and being there for one another, to talk, to hug, whatever it may be,” said Comer.

Another thing that was evident on campus today, plenty of Ashland Police Officers patrolling the grounds, after yesterday’s closure due to a threat.

University representatives said they wanted the extra security to help students feel safe while attending classes.

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