Medford to enforce more stringent fireworks rules

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The City of Medford is reminding citizens about changes to the city’s fireworks ordinance.

Medford Fire-Rescue said during any declared fire season, the time period to use legal fireworks has decreased from 14 days to six days, from July 1 through July 6.

In addition, the penalty if you’re caught using illegal fireworks increased from $250 to $2,500.

According to MFR, firefighters and police officers will be patrolling the city looking for violations and issuing citations.

“Conditions are dry and the use of fireworks in the hillsides or near fields containing dry vegetation could start a wildfire,” Firefighters said. “Misusing fireworks can lead to injury.”

Medford Fire-Rescue issued the following reminders regarding fireworks:

  • Prohibited Medford Areas: It is illegal within the city limits to discharge any fireworks in the hillside areas, the Bear Creek Greenway, any City park, or any public school.
  • Oregon Illegal Fireworks: Any type of aerial firework is illegal for citizens to discharge in the state of Oregon. This would include mortars, bottle or sky rockets, and Roman candles or similar devices that shoot flaming balls. According to the State statutes, any device that explodes, flies into the air, behaves in an uncontrolled and unpredictable manner, or travels more than 12 feet horizontally is illegal to use in the State of Oregon.
  • Oregon Illegal Explosives: Explosive devices are illegal to use in the State of Oregon, including firecrackers and M-80’s.

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