New movie shot in Mount Shasta stars controversial actor Kevin Spacey

MT. SHASTA, Calif.– A new movie filmed in Mount Shasta starring controversial actor Kevin Spacey is set to release this week.

The movie also stars Rebecca De Mornay, who you might know from ‘Risky Business’ or ‘Wedding Crashers’.

Jet Jandreau is one of the stars of ‘Peter Five Eight’, alongside Spacey and De Mornay.

It’s her second time shooting a movie in Siskiyou County and she said being able to explore Northern California and Southern Oregon was, in her words, magical.

After numerous sexual misconduct allegations over the last several years, Kevin Spacey is making his return to the big screen in ‘Peter Five Eight’.

Co-star Jet Jandreau said there were many conversations with Spacey before they began filming, which helped put her mind at ease about working with him.

She said after talking with him, she felt he was the right fit to play the villain.

Jaundreau said, “Kevin has had many challenges to face in the last several years, and coming back into the limelight. Talking about this with the director, and we had several calls with Kevin and we all felt good.”

Jandreau plays the role of Sam, a high-profile real estate agent, with a secret that’s revealed later in the movie.

She studied a number of film noir actresses to prepare for her role and said there are many references to other famous film noirs within ‘Peter Five Eight.’

Jaundreau said, “my greatest inspiration for actors come from old classic Hollywood cinema like Betty Davis and Vivien Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor.”

Kevin Spacey put out a video on his own social media, breaking down some of his inspiration for the film.

“Noir films always have a femme fatale,” Spacey said, “anti-heroes, corrupt characters, cops, gangsters, a lone wolf, petty criminals. These are character studies that started in the Hollywood crime films of the 1940’s.”

It was filmed entirely in Dunsmuir, Castle Crags, and Mount Shasta.

The film production provided locals with jobs both in front of and behind the camera, and contributed greatly to the Siskiyou economy.

This is Jandreau’s second movie shot in Siskiyou County, she also starred in ‘Hotel Dunsmuir’, which came out in 2022.

She was able to explore Southern Oregon as well during her time shooting ‘Peter Five Eight’.

“It’s so magical, I think the NorCal, Southern Oregon area is just a magical place. I love Ashland, I love Medford,” Jandreau said, “it was an incredible experience to be able to bring all of these locals in front of and behind the camera in these fun jobs.”

‘Peter Five Eight’ opens in theaters this coming Friday starting at the Mt. Shasta Theater.

Jaundreau hopes for a wider release in the region afterwards.

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