No criminal charges in Rogue River BLM rally incident

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. – No charges will be filed in an altercation that happened during a Black Live Matter event in the City of Rogue River.

The Jackson County District Attorney’s Office said during the rally and counter-protest on August 29, a man was standing along Broadway Street when a woman stood beside him with a raised fist. At one point, the woman reportedly got within one foot away from the man and yelled, “Black Lives Matter!” The man shoved the woman away with his forearm, but she stepped toward him again and yelled “Black Lives Matter!” The man pushed the woman away with his forearm a second time. At that point, Rogue River Police Chief Curtis Whipple and Officer Brent Miller intervened and split up the parties.

The district attorney’s office said the incident was recorded on Chief Whipple and Officer Miller’s body cameras.

After an investigation, prosecutors said the man’s actions didn’t amount to a crime and he appeared to be responding to the woman being in his personal space and yelling in his face. Therefore, no charges will be filed against Morgan.

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