Reports: 2 people killed in Poland after missiles hit near Ukrainian border

PRZEWODOW, Poland (CNN) – Two missiles or rockets are reported to have hit a farm in Poland near the border with Ukraine. Two people are reported killed.

Polish media showed an image of a deep impact and upturned farm vehicle at the site, near the town of Przewodow.

CNN Senior International Correspondent Sam Kiley said we’ve had confirmation from Polish authorities of the very, very dramatic and potentially inflammatory moment in history.

The two projectiles of some kind could be rockets or missiles, but we don’t know exactly what. We also critically don’t know who fired them, but we do know that they landed in Polish territory, very close to the border with Ukraine in farmland, hitting a grain store and reportedly killing two Polish citizens or residents.

This is a very dramatic potential escalation, obviously, because Poland is a NATO country.

There were ongoing cruise missile attacks being carried out in the west of Ukraine, close to Poland’s border at the time that these projectiles landed on Polish territory. It is conceivable that they are Russian missiles. It is equally conceivable at this stage that they could be the spent rockets of antiaircraft missiles fired by Ukrainians, although that is somewhat less likely on a technical level.

But this assault automatically, effectively triggered a meeting of the equivalent of the National Security Council inside the Polish government, who are meeting to decide how to react and what to say to this dramatic moment.

There is the worst-case scenario from many people’s perspective, a chance that the Poles might be inclined to apply to NATO for some type of support on a military level. In terms of wanting to go for its retaliation, though that’s extremely unlikely. But this is and will be seen as a very dramatic escalation: the spreading of the war outside of the borders of Russia and Ukraine.

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