RVTD expansion

RVTD LEVYMedford, Ore., — The RVTD levy that was approved back in May, will be put into action next week.

In 2014 RVTD  got rid of services and cut back frequencies on certain routes, but starting next week that will all change.

On Tuesday, Route 24 which covers the area near Rogue Regional Medical Center will change from running every hour, to every 30 minutes.

Saturday services also will make a comeback.

General Manager of RVTD, Julie Brown says, “Although we passed the ballot measure in May, we didn’t necessarily have to put service out as quickly as we are, but we felt it was important for our community. So Saturday the 9th we will start Saturday services.”

To celebrate the return of Saturday services, there will be a festival downtown on the 9th from 10 am to noon, all bus rides will also be free that day.

More services will continue to expand as the year continues, in September, Route 10 which takes passengers from Medford to Ashland will increase from every hour to every 30 minutes.

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