Shasta Co. Sheriff talks about Sherri Papini abduction

Redding, Calif. — The Shasta County Sheriff held a news conference on Wednesday. He confirmed investigators have spoken with Sherri Papini several times.

Papini disappeared from her Redding area neighborhood November 2nd. She was found Thanksgiving morning in Yolo County.

Among the sheriff’s revelations–Papini was kept in isolation, and he confirmed she was branded.

Sheriff John Bosenko said, “Sherri received injuries during the three weeks she was held captive. I will confirm the suspects did brand her. I will not get into the details of where the brand is located on her body, nor details of the brand on her, for again, the integrity of the investigation.”

Papini described her abductors as two Hispanic women. The first, the younger of the two is described as having long, curly hair, thin eyebrows and pierced ears.

The second was describes as older, with straight black hair with some greying color and thick eyebrows.

The sheriff says his department is reaching out to other counties to see if they have any other similar cases.

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