Trial begins for man accused of shooting and killing Isaac Deleon

Medford, Ore. — A murder trial started Tuesday in Medford.

Shane Zornes is accused of shooting and killing Isaac Deleon in downtown Medford back in 2015.

After a jury was selected, the prosecution began to present witnesses.

“As I approached I saw a body right about here and then there were several people kind of running around,” Medford police officer Stephen Meader said.

That body – Medford police officer Stephen Meader describes -is of Isaac Deleon who is the victim of a fatal shooting.

It happened nearly two years ago and brought out troubling emotions from the community.

“I’m angry that the fact that somebody decided to take it into their own hands to take somebody else’s life when he didn’t deserve it of all people in the world,” a woman said nearly two years ago.

Now the trial is underway for Shane Zornes who is accused of shooting and killing Deleon.

The jury spent the day listening to witnesses testimony that Deleon and Zornes were simply talking as they walked out of a bar at 2 a.m.

“Nobody raised voices… nobody postured like they were gonna fight. It was just a simple conversation,” the prosecutor said.

But then only a couple minutes later witnesses say the conversation escalated as a gun was pulled on Deleon.

“Isaac Deleon said ‘if you’re gonna do it – shoot me – do it,'” the prosecutor said.

Then witnesses say Zornes pulled the trigger straight to Deleon’s chest.

According to the defendants on the case, the shooting was not intentional and everyone involved was intoxicated at the time.

Prosecutors hope the jury will hold Zornes responsible, but defendants say it’s important to see the story through Zorne’s eyes.

“It’s gonna be very important for you to evaluate how he experienced those two minutes,” the defendant said.

The trial continues Wednesday morning when witnesses will hear directly from Zornes.

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