What you need to know about Country Crossings

Central Point, Ore. – The stage is set, and the spotlight is ready. Country Crossings Music Festival is ready for you to kick up your boots and start the weekend off right, but organizers and authorities want to make sure you’re safe as well.

Crews have been working for a week preparing for opening day of the country crossings music festival.

“We’re getting real close, we’ll definitely be ready tomorrow for day one of the 2018 country crossings music festival,” Bimart’s Vice President of Advertising and Marketing, Don Leber said.

Parking is always a challenge at large events, and event organizers say to be ready.

“We have more pedestrian traffic than we had last year because there’s not as much parking available,” he said.

The smoke is also a concern for people attending the four day event.

“We’ve got a mobile hospital if anyone has asthma or air situation they have to deal with we have people to take care of them.”

Alcohol will also be available at the event. With more than 15 thousand people in attendance almost every day, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office will be on patrol to make sure everyone stays safe.

“Putting a lot of people in a space together can cause people to get upset, so we just want to remind people to really be mindful of the safety and enjoyment of everybody,” JSCO’s PIO, Julie Denney said.

Organizers and authorities want you to check the country crossings website, http://cxfest.com/, before heading out to the Expo Center.

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