“Whites only” house for sale in Eugene

0722 Eugene whites only houseEugene, Ore. — People walking down Fochs Street in Eugene Thursday were shocked to see signs that one person called “unbelievable”.

Eugene resident Devin Hall said, “Someone’s got a lot of nerve to be putting stuff like this up around Eugene. It’s not very respectful to the other people in the community.”

Why would the homeowner do it? We knocked on his door to find out, and he says that was his goal. “That’s all I wanted, was somebody to come and find out why — and listen,” said the homeowner John Ernst.

Ernst said he has been jumped, followed, and a target of harassment and crime because of his skin color and doesn’t want anyone else in this area to feel the same way. He said, “I’ve seen so much racism and hate in my life, and why can’t we stop man?”

Ernst listed the house for sale “for whites only.” He says it’s not because he’s racist but he would only encourage people with white skin color to move to the area. But in the end he says he just wants to put a stop to racism. “If this goes across the country or just in this town – we need to start being more polite, more friendly and more caring about our neighbors and find out who they are,” said Ernst.

Immediately after we talked, Ernst walked outside and dragged the signs over to his driveway, feeling the signs had served their purpose and delivered his message.

Ernst, who is biracial, said he does plan to sell the home, but will not require a white buyer.

He said he knows discriminating against any race is wrong and has no intention of perpetrating it.

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