Yreka casino celebrates grand opening with hopes to boost local economy

YREKA, Calif.–  Overlooking the city of Yreka, the Rain Rock Casino held it’s grand opening today marking a significant moment for residents of Siskiyou County and the Karuk tribe.”

“We hope to be an economic driver for Siskiyou County, surrounding communities, for generations to come,” said Russell Attebery, chairman of the Karuk tribe.

Opening the ceremonies with a prayer, council members of the tribe celebrated the grand opening of the Rain Rock Casino Thursday morning. Hopes are high the games here will pay off for customers and local communities.

“It was an opportunity to bring people home who initially had to leave because of the economy and that part is very exciting,” said Attebery.

City leaders say the casino received more than 800 applications to fill about 200 positions. With an annual employment payroll of $6 million, General Manager Mike Rose, said that money would be a great boost and would be “infused right into the local economy.”

“Then on top of all the tourism and stuff like that, I think it’s gonna be a great economic engine for the local community and the regional community,” he said.

During the hiring, about 30 percent of the positions were filled by tribal members but the casino made sure to have a majority come from the surrounding community. Tribal members were excited about the opportunity the casino is providing for family and friends in the county.

“You go to see all the other tribes with their casinos and what they can do for programs for their tribal people is exciting,” said Florrine Super. “I’m very excited for that to come to our tribe.”

Now, workers at Rain Rock Casino and everyone who helped make it happen can’t wait to see what happens next. According to Dave Super, Florrine’s brother, it’s couldn’t have been better timing.

“Everything turns out and even gets better, hopefully it all gets better,” he said.

The Rain Rock Casino doesn’t have any plans for an extension yet but the board says they hope to include hotels and other options soon. It’s not out of the question, they’ll take a look any possibilities after a couple years.


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