Breanna White sentencing begins

Grants Pass, Ore. — It was the first day of sentencing for Breanna White. and though her attorney asked for 120 months behind bars, the state had other plans.

“There are no winners, but there’s going to be accountability,” said Lisa Turner, Chief Deputy D.A. Josephine County.

The state’s lawyers are asking White serve more than twice the amount of time her lawyers want her to – a total of 260 months behind bars.

As both sides argue about white’s future, those affected by her actions, shared what life has been like since the deadly accident.

One of the victims from the crash said, “To this day, i wish just for her family, to get one more laugh, one more smile, and one more…”

The mother of Aryen Chambers said, “The fact that you took her life from her, is awful and that you have no remorse for it is awful.” Chambers was the only person that didn’t survive the crash.

Another mother of one of the victims said, “My kid can’t even talk right now because she’s got PTSD.”

The judge will take the victim impact statements into account before making a final decision.

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