Candidates prepare for dueling town halls

(NBC News)  President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will take part in dueling televised town halls Thursday evening, instead of a previously scheduled debate.

President Trump dropped out of the debate after organizers attempted to switch to a virtual format when he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

That diagnosis, and Trump’s recovery, remain in the spotlight as the nation’s coronavirus cases continue to grow.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease expert, is warning against misinterpreting the president’s quick recovery and new claims of “immunity.”

“That’s sort of like saying someone sped in a car going 95 miles an hour and didn’t get in an accident, so that means I can speed and not get into an accident,” Dr. Fauci told CBS Evening News.

As more states open for early voting, a third of the country now reports record high coronavirus cases. The second wave that medical experts warned about is happening less than three weeks before election day.

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