Drone strikes Seattle home

NC_dronecrash0506_1500x845Seattle, Wash. (KING) — A Seattle, Washington couple is cleaning up a mess of shattered glass after a drone crashed into their dining room.

It happened just after 7:00 a.m. on Thursday. Homeowner Wenjun Chen said she was making breakfast when she heard the sound of breaking glass.

“I heard a crash, a boom,” she said.

She quickly traced the sound to her shattered dining room window. Initially, the family thought a bird had crashed into the glass, until Chen sent her husband outside to investigate. He found the drone laying on the ground outside the broken window, with a camera attached to it and still recording.

“He thought it was a robin, a bird, so he walked back in and so no, it’s something new,” she said. “I said what? And he said a drone!”

The couple called Seattle Police, who took the drone into police custody

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