Eagle Point ordinance cracks down on ‘junk’ cars

EAGLE POINT, Ore., – Some residents in Eagle Point say while they understand people in their neighborhood may not have anywhere else to put their cars or trailers besides on their property, IT isn’t the best for curb appeal.

“I like to keep my yard up, and keep it looking nice and presentable to the folks who drive by,” said resident Alan Styles.

Most of the homes on Merlee Circle in Eagle Point have flowers planted, trees growing and a freshly mowed lawn.

But there are a few that are a little untamed.

Styles said, “I don’t like it, and I’d prefer they don’t do it.”

According to an Eagle Point City Ordinance, storing cars with expired registration, or one that has been dismantled and discarded within plain sight on private property, is illegal.

Eagle Point Police posted about it on Facebook this week.

They’re reminding residents they will respond to complaints.

Eagle Point Police Chief Vern Thompson said the abandoned cars have always been an issue.

“They got grass growing around it and it becomes a nuisance for kids, or rodents, those kind of things. And it’s really a distraction to the appeal of the neighborhood,” said Chief Thompson. “This does exist in the city and maybe they can take some proactive efforts to make their yards a little more appealing.”

Styles understands his neighbors may not have anywhere else to put their cars. He said, “We accumulate a lot of stuff as we get older, and unfortunately these folks probably can’t afford to have a place to store it, cause it’s very expensive to do that.”

But that doesn’t mean he likes what some neighbors are doing.

But Styles said he would do the neighborly thing first, and not call police. “If I was gonna do anything I would first talk to them and say hey could you clean this up, and if there was something hazardous absolutely have to get it cleaned up as soon as possible.”

The ordinance is enforced by complaints only.

Thompson says the first time a complaint is made, officers will just issue a warning, but you can receive a fine.

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