May special election: Medford School Board seats

MEDFORD, Ore. – Contract negotiations continue between the Medford School District and teachers, as an important election looms next month.

4 of the 6 Medford School Board positions are up for grabs in the May 16th special election.

10 people are vying for those spots.

The following information is from an Oregon voter’s pamphlet. It is for educational purposes only. It does not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or favoring of any candidate(s) by KOBI-TV NBC5.

Medford School District No. 549C
Director, Position 1 – Curt Ankerberg

Occupation: Certified Public
Occupational Background: 30
years management experience
with various CPA firms.
Educational Background:
B.S. Business Administration/
Accounting – California State University Los Angeles
Prior Governmental Experience: Algebra Tutor – Medford 549C
Education is the foundation for every society, but the past and
current Medford school administrations have failed us badly,
which is why unemployment in the Rogue Valley is unacceptablyly
high, and why 30% of the Rogue Valley population is on
government assistance.
For the 2016 school year, only 40% of Medford students who
took state standardized tests passed them. 60% of all Medford
students failed. Medford has had failing academics for every year
for the past fifteen years, contrary to what you might read in the
lying Mail Tribune. Further, 50% of all students who enroll at RCC
require remedial instruction. School district management haven’t
gotten the job done, and it’s time for a dramatic change.
Currently, 11% of the school district budget if allocated to
pay for PERS. In two years, that percentage will increase to
25%, which means $17 million less for student instruction.
That equates to 170 lost teaching positions. The environment
requires that school board members have developed financial
skills in order to squeeze positive results from every available
tax dollar.
As a CPA with 30 years experience, I possess unique financial
and management skills unmatched by my opponent.
Medford has one of the shortest school years in the state, and
it also has exhorbitantly large classroom sizes. If elected, I
promise to focus on increasing the number of classroom days,
and decreasing classroom sizes.
My opponent recently retired as a Medford teacher. Like other
retired teachers who’ve served on the school board, he’ll
continue to kick the can down the road, and blatantly favor the
teachers union. My loyalties strictly lie with the students and the
We cannot afford four more years of mediocrity. It’s time for new
leadership, which I represent.
I respectfully request your vote.
Thank you.
Medford School District No. 549C
Director, Position 1
(This information furnished by Curt Ankerberg.)
The above information has not been verified for accuracy by the county.


Medford School District No. 549C
Director, Position 1 – Jeffrey Kinsella

Occupation: Retired
Occupational Background:
Los Angeles Unified School
District, Teacher (1987-1995);
Medford School District, Teacher
(1995-2011), Title I Specialist,
Educational Background: Cal State University, Northridge, BA,
(1973); CSUN, National University (1987-94); Teaching Credential
Prior Governmental Experience: Medford School District Budget
Committee, 2016
COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Medford School Bond (2006);
Stand for Children, Leader (2006-2015) and Chapter Chair,
Please join us in supporting Jeff:
“There is not a person in this valley I would trust more to tackle
the tough issues currently facing our school district.” –Aaron
Fox, Teacher
“Jeff is an independent thinker who shares my passion for the
success for our underprivileged and disenfranchised students.”
–Tricia Prendergast, Board member
“Jeff’s experience working with students facing many challenges
in their learning will be invaluable in closing the achievement
gap. I believe that his experience and innovative ideas will help
further guide the Medford School District to continue to improve
programs and better serve all children in our district.” –Kathy
Keesee-Morales, Community Advocate
I would be honored to have your support:
Twenty-nine years as an educator has taught me how to effectively
meet the educational needs of each student, regardless
of their ethnicity or economic circumstances. I know the power
and value of parent engagement in educational success and
I’m committed to every child receiving the necessary tools to
reach his or her full potential.
My school experiences include teaching multiple grades (2-8),
Site Council Member, Individual School Level Team leader,
Response to Intervention Team, and the Crisis Prevention
Intervention Team. My Title I position oversaw effective reading
and math intervention programs to boost student success and
close the achievement gap. I led the grass roots effort to ensure
Jackson and Roosevelt Elementary schools were rebuilt after
the Medford school bond was passed.
I have a passion for doing what is best for each child in order
for them to succeed in life.
Thank you in advance for this opportunity.
Jeff Kinsella
Medford School District No. 549C
Director, Position 1
(This information furnished by Jeffrey Kinsella.)
The above information has not been verified for accuracy by the county.


Medford School District No. 549C
Director, Position 2 – Suzanne Messer

Occupation: Senior Inventory
Project Manager at Erickson,
Occupational Background:
Aircraf t Inventory Project
Manager, Aircraft Materials
Manager, Production Planning
Scheduler, Planner, and Purchasing Agent while employed with
Erickson, Inc formerly Erickson Air-Crane.
Educational Background: Oregon State University – Junior Year,
Business; Phoenix High School – graduated in 1987
Prior Governmental Experience: None
My husband and I have 4 children that have been attending the
Medford 549C schools for over 15 years. Our oldest now attends
Oregon State University and thanks to the AP classes offered
at the high schools she started college as a Junior. She is
now well on her way to an Environmental Engineering Systems
Degree. We have children attending North Medford, Hedrick
and Lone Pine currently. One of our children had some learning
disabilities and required an IEP so the additional assistance
they needed within the school environment was made available.
I have worked closely with their teachers to keep them on track
and moving forward with their public education.
I have been a VIM for 15 years. I have also had the privilege
of attending and judging at the SkillsUSA State Leadership
Conference additionally I attended the Nationals SkillsUSA
Conference. Have chaperoned the VEX Robotics Competition
at various events.
I started my employment at Erickson Inc, formerly Erickson Air-
Crane in 1990 and worked my up from an entry level position
to the Senior Inventory Project Manager. I am responsible for a
multi-million dollar inventory, comprehensive systems analysis
and work with a excellent team to keep our aircraft fleet operational
around the world.
I have the courage and conviction to stand up for the students,
teachers and employees of our School District as they are
educating our future employees, colleagues, business owners
and skilled labor force.
Together we need our School Board, Teachers and Administrators
to work towards a common goal of educating our children
to the best of our abilities as a team.
Medford School District No. 549C
Director, Position 2
(This information furnished by Suzanne Messer.)
The above information has not been verified for accuracy by the county.


Medford School District No. 549C
Director, Position 2 – Jeff Thomas

Occupation: Owner, Connecting
Point Inc., 2016- present
Occupational Background:
Connecting Point, Inc: Manager,
1997-2016; Apple representative,
1990-1992; Business
Technology Sales, 1992-1997.
Educational Background: Southern Oregon University; B.S.,
Political Science
Prior Governmental Experience: Medford School Board: Chair
2012 – 2016; Vice Chair 2011-2012; Member 2009-2011; 549c
Budget Committee
Current and Former Board Members Supporting Jeff Thomas:
“Jeff’s experience and leadership on the board have been
invaluable. With two veteran members leaving, it is absolutely
critical that we re-elect Jeff Thomas.” — Michael Campbell
“The recent gains in graduation rate and closing the achievement
gap would not have been possible without the leadership
of Jeff Thomas. His vision changed the District culture.”
— Marlene Yesquen
“Like all great leaders — Jeff continually pushes the goalpost,
and then gives everyone else the credit when the needle is
moved. We need his leadership.” — Karen Starchvick
“In this time of unstable funding and rising costs, it is imperative
we re-elect Jeff Thomas for his business skills and financial
acumen.” — Larry Nicholson
“Jeff wants every class, team or club to reflect our student
population. He is committed to equitable opportunities and
outcomes for all students.” — Tricia Prendergast
“Jeff’s ability to respectfully bring divergent viewpoints together,
grasp complex issues and synthesize them into policy directions
that provide long-range solutions, and recognize and cultivate
the talents of others makes him a highly effective Board
member.” — Ron Andersen
“When I was first elected to the Board, we were failing 1 in 3
kids. Now our graduation rate is up, and we have narrowed the
achievement gap.
The road ahead has challenges. We must plan now for meeting
enrollment growth that comes with success. We need a robust
technology plan; one that boosts student achievement by supporting
teachers in the classroom with real-time assessment,
personalized learning and differentiated instruction. We must
manage ever increasing demands on the budget with diminishing
I possess the background and experience to tackle these issues.
I would be honored to have your support.” — Jeff Thomas
(This information furnished by Jeff Thomas.)
The above information has not been verified for accuracy by the county.


Medford School District No. 549C
Director, Position 3 – Casey Stine

Occupation: Southern Oregon
Head Start, Policy Council
Board Liaison; Wilson Head
Start, Vice Chair
Occupational Background:
Wife, mother, volunteer
Educational Background:
Lincoln Culinary Institute – Diploma
Prior Governmental Experience: Ombudsman – USS Pittsburgh
Family: Married for 10 years to my husband Kevin and we have
an amazing daughter, Riley.
• Community Connections: I will strive to develop a more
cohesive relationship between our community and our
schools. Building a stronger relationship between our kids
and the community can help them build connections that
can have a lasting impact. We can better utilize resources
and build partnerships with organizations such as the
Jackson County Library System and the Medford Parks
and Recreation Department. Education does not end after
the school bell rings at the end of the day.
• Early Education: As a school board member, I will focus
on early education as a foundation of success. We need to
strengthen and expand local early learning programs such
as the P3 Program at Jackson Elementary. Our district
should prioritize helping the families of children who are
either on waiting lists for Head Start, or can’t afford conventional
preschools, to get children ready for kindergarten.
• Increasing Graduation Rates: The Medford School
District has made great strides toward increasing our high
school graduation rate, from 65% to 77% in two years. I
will work to continue building on those accomplishments
by supporting programs with a track record of success
including summer school, college preparation programs,
and early intervention for struggling students.
“Casey Stine is offering exactly the perspective and experience
this community deserves. I’m excited to see her in action as a
member of the Medford School Board.”
– Michael Campbell, Medford School Board
Gary Wheeler Mayor of Medford
Kay Brooks Medford City Councilor
Karen Starchvick Medford School Board
Sunny Spicer Kid Time Executive Director
(This information furnished by Casey Stine.)
The above information has not been verified for accuracy by the county.


Medford School District No. 549C
Director, Position 3 – Cynthia Wright

Occupation: Facilitator for Childrens
Advocacy Center
Occupational Background:
Homemaker; Trained and supervised
over 600 young people
thoughout a 3 year mission in
Educational Background: Medford Senior High School; Brigham
Young University; Rogue Community College
Prior Governmental Experience: Medford 549C School Board
Director 2003-2007
My name is Cynthia Wright and I would like to serve our community
as a Director on the Medford 549C School Board. This
position requires someone who will be a good listener, ask the
right questions, be collaborative, has integrity, pays attention to
details and will hold the superintendent and staff accountable
for the goals and standards established by the board. I believe
I am that person. I have had many leadership opportunities that
have helped me develop these abilities. My motive for serving
in this capacity is to do my part to ensure that every child from
every race, economic status and learning ability receives the
best education we can provide. The future is bright for our kids
when they have the opportunities, tools and knowledge necessary
to be successful.
Mi nombre es Cynthia Wright y me gustarÍa servir a nuestra comunidad
como una Directora del Consejo Escolar de Medford
549. Esta posición requiere de alguien que sea un buen oyente,
que haga las preguntas correctas, que sea colaborativo,
que tenga integridad, que preste atención a los detalles y hará
que el superintendente y el personal sean responsables de las
metas y estándares establecidos por el consejo. Creo que soy
esa persona. He tenido muchas oportunidades de liderazgo
que me han ayudado a desarrollar estas habilidades. Mi motivo
para servir en esta capacidad es hacer mi parte para asegurar
que cada niño de cada raza, condición económica o capacidad
de aprendizaje reciba la mejor educación que podamos proporcionar.
El futuro es brillante para nuestros hijos cuando tienen
las oportunidades, herramientas y conocimiento necesario
para tener éxito.
Medford School District No. 549C
Director, Position 3
(This information furnished by Cynthia Wright.)
The above information has not been verified for accuracy by the county.


Medford School District No. 549C
Director, Position 6 – Jim Horner

Occupation: Retired.
Occupational Background:
Vice President and General
Manager, Hewlett Packard Corp.
and Agilent Technologies
Educational Background:
David Douglas High School –
Senior, Valedictorian; Stanford University – Senior, Bachelors of
Science, engineering; Stanford University – Post Graduate, Master
of Science, engineering; Stanford University – Post Graduate,
Stanford Executive Program, business.
Prior Governmental Experience: U.S. Army, 1st Lieutenant;
Budget Committee Medford School District: member 4 years,
one year Chair; Apple Committee – Save Ruch School: member
and presenter.
Education is the foundation of our future. As a 33 year Oregon
resident I personally understand that education is one of our
most important activities. My wife and I have raised three lovely
daughters and are enjoying four wonderful granddaughters. My
father was superintendent of David Douglas School District;
my mother and daughter, substitute teachers; my brother, a full
professor of education at U of 0.
The Medford School District is on a positive track with an
excellent board, strong administration, and dedicated staff. Yet
after serving four years on the budget committee I realize we
have many challenges. In general we need our school district to
become more effective and efficient.
If elected I will:
1. Encourage individualized educational curricula and
the use of digital tools to maximize student progress and
leverage teaching time.
2. Improve the professional environment for our teachers
by providing support in equipment, assistance, responsibility,
and compensation.
3. Support innovation (working smarter not harder) which
can improve the educational experience for our students,
improve the professional environment for our teachers,
and help relieve the fiscal difficulties we now face.
I am proud to have received the endorsements of:
Jeff Thomas, board member and former board chair
Lyn Hennion, 1st Citizen Medford/Jackson County Chamber 2015
Peter Salant, member and past president Medford Schools
Tim Johnson, RCC board member
There is almost no higher responsibility than improving the
education of our kids. I would be honored to serve on the board
to help achieve that objective.

(This information furnished by Jim Horner.)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by the county.


Medford School District No. 549C
Director, Position 6 – Kevin N Husted

Occupation: Rogue Logistics &
Consulting- Owner
Occupational Background:
Husted Construction- Owner;
Crossfit Kids trainer/coach;
Sports Coach (basketball/track/
Educational Background: Sunset High School- Graduated;
College of the Redwoods
Prior Governmental Experience: None
I am asking for your vote on May 16, 2017.
I am excited and ready to work towards our students achieving
their highest potential in a district where parents, teachers,
employees, and the board can work TOGETHER for this end.
I am a parent to three children currently attending public school
in Medford district 549c.
Like many of you I have been concerned about the direction of
our public schools.
Issues like hefty raises for school administrators and talk of new
facilities while our students and dedicated teachers do without
basic necessities.
I feel I am a great candidate to lead our district into the future.
A future that may see many changes.. changes in education
choices, changes in debt management, and hopefully changes
in accountability.
At the end of the day the choice is a simple one.
Our kids deserve the best education they can get and we as
taxpayers deserve the most bang for our buck.
Kevin N
(This information furnished by Kevin N Husted.)
The above information has not been verified for accuracy by the county.


Medford School District No. 549C
Director, Position 6 – Sally A Killen

Occupation: Retired educator.
Occupational Background:
6 years Medford school board
member; 6 months retail; 36
years teaching in Oregon, Washington,
and Wyoming; 6 months
at a juvenile detention center.
Educational Background: Portland State University—B.A. in
English; University of Oregon—English; Lebanon Union High
Prior Governmental Experience: Six years on Medford school
After working for the Medford school district for 20 years
and being a school board member for 6 years, I feel I have the
knowledge and skills to return to the board ready to contribute
to student success.
The 6 years on the board were years of major decisions
which had a huge impact on the community. I am proud to
have had a part in the decisions about the new superintendent
choice, completion of the last projects of the bond, and the fullday
kindergarten. The decisions were not easy but were taken
after full discussion with all members of the board.
My strength is in communication. I ask questions and listen
to a variety of people before deciding about an issue. I fully
share information with the board. When I was on the board,
I felt like I could contribute a teacher’s point of view yet still
perform as a board member. I attended the professional training
available to board members. My priority is to be a strong,
ethical board member.
My goals are to continue to ask questions, to make connections
with staff and community, and to be transparent in board
decisions. I want to see a continued growth in our graduation
rate and a collection of data showing the post-graduation success
of our students.

(This information furnished by Sally A Killen.)
The above information has not been verified for accuracy by the county.

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