Family of Kaylynn Klosterman: “I can’t believe she’s gone”

MEDFORD, Ore.– Four days ago 21-year-old Kaylynn Klosterman was found dead in her apartment after being shot multiple times. The tragic loss has devastated her family and left a hole they say is irreplaceable.

On Tuesday, NBC5 News sat down with Kaylynn’s grandmother Rosemary Gordon and her aunt Sandra Puehl at the Jacksonville Inn where Kaylynn used to work.

“She had the biggest dimples ever since she was born,” said Puehl. “Beautiful girl.”

Like water from a fountain, memories of Kaylynn come trickling in.

“I just remember taking her to the river and she be in the middle of the river and her mom would be hanging on to her,” said Gordon. “Afraid she was gonna go under. But those were the times that Kaylynn loved.”

Her daughter, Gwynn Gordon, was Kaylynn’s mother. Along with the company of Sandra’s daughter Emily, the four women took the time together to look back at the moments they all shared with Kaylynn. Gwynn, still coming to terms with the loss of her daughter, asked not to be filmed.

“She would always address me as auntie, no matter how old she got,” said Puehl. “I just loved that about her. She’ll always have a special place in my heart.”

Photos shared by the family show different aspects of Kaylynn’s life and the things she loved to do.

“She loved Halloween,” said Gordon. “She always had her outfits picked out months before. She was just so into it.”

Only a month from that day Kaylynn loved so much, the realization of her murder is too painful to bear.

“I can’t believe she’s gone. But she’ll be in our hearts forever,” said Gordon through tears. “This is the worst thing to happen in my entire life.”

The trickle of memories, once again a reminder for those who loved her.

“I just like to say to hug your loved ones everyday because you never know when they’re taken away from you,” said Puehl.

According to the Klosterman family, the funeral for Kaylynn has been paid for by the Oregon Department of Justice’s Crime Victims’ Compensation Program. The family says that any donations that have been made to the GoFundMe account will now be donated to an organization that helps victims of domestic abuse.

If you would still like to donate you can find the link at the GoFundMe account Heaven has a new Angel, Kaylynn.





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