GPS leads to theft arrests in Klamath County

Keno, Ore. – A pair of suspected ‘porch pirates’ are facing theft charges, thanks to a Keno man’s imaginative use of a GPS unit.

A man in Keno sent himself a package with a GPS tracker in it and waited for thieves to steal it from his mailbox on Clover Creek Road.

“He called 911 to report that his package with a GPS in it was moving,” Klamath County Sheriff Chris Kaber said. “And so basically, like a homing beacon, we were able to get out in front of it and actually stop the vehicle.”

Police arrested Kameron Anthony Rivas and Leah Withrow on Wednesday for mail theft and second-degree theft.

Their baby was in the car with them.

The Keno man told us that he got the idea to use a tracking device after he had found stolen mail in a field in October of 2017.

He had also had a package stolen from his mailbox last August.

“The person who set the package out does not wish to be identified,” added Sheriff Kaber. “And we respect that.”

‘Anonymous’ says he placed the GPS unit in a candle he’d gotten at the dollar store, along with a used VISA gift card which was later found in the suspect’s wallet.

Kaber says deputies have been out returning the stolen mail. “Some of them don’t even know they’re victims until we knock on their door, and say ‘We’ve got some of your mail’.”

Kameron Rivas remains in the Klamath County Jail.

Leah Withrow was booked, and released to take care of the couple’s infant child.

Some on social media are upset that Withrow isn’t in jail.

“But they don’t have all the facts,” Sheriff Kaber added. “So with all the facts in mind, I stand behind our officers decision at that particular time to do what they did.”

Mail was also recovered which may have been stolen from homes along Dead Indian Memorial Road in Jackson County.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is assisting in the investigation.

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