It takes a teacher: Mr. Birkinshaw

Medford, Ore.– The power of a good teacher can be priceless.  For Scott Birkinshaw, it was the friendship of his high school teachers that helped him get through some tough years and inspired his career choice.

“[A] teacher might be the only adult in their life that is giving them words of encouragement,” says Birkinshaw.  “And that can make a really big difference.”

Birkinshaw shares the principle that he lives by as a teacher, building kids up through education.  It’s also something he credits for changing his life when he was a student.

“I had some wonderful teachers.  I get a little emotional when I think about it,” he says.

Birkinshaw says his freshman year of high school was rough.  He didn’t have many people to turn to, but he found friendship in his teachers.

“It all turned around when I met my English teacher and my social studies teacher.  It’s like they saved my life,” he explains.

Those life saving relationships turned into a inspiration for him.  “They were a magnificent influence in my life.”

Now in his fourth year as a teacher at Logos Public Charter school in Medford, Birkinshaw most enjoys returning the gift of education and friendship to his students that he once received.

“It makes you realize that money isn’t everything, its more about feeling like that you’re doing is worth while.”

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