Bigfoot has moved to Grants Pass, in statue form

A Bigfoot sighting happened in Grants Pass today, in a manner of speaking.

Grants Pass is known for it’s bears and cavemen, but now, it may be known for Sasquatch – that’s right, a business owner has purchased a statue of Bigfoot and put it in front of his store for everyone to see.

Gene Bradley, owner of Smokey’s Stoves on 6th Street, recently bought a 15-foot tall, 4,000 pound statue of Bigfoot and had it placed by the entrance of his store.

“I love the bear theme around Grants Pass, but it’s like there’s a lot of bears, I love ’em all. They’re all beautiful pieces of art from the local artists and stuff, but I didn’t want to just be another bear on the block,” said Bradley.

Bradley says the carver of the statue spent two weeks on the project.

“He told me that he’s carved several 7, 8, 9 footers and this is the biggest one he’s ever carved,” Bradley added.

So while enthusiasts continue to search for the elusive Oregon yeti, they’ll always know where to go if they want to pose with the big guy himself.

NBC5 News reporter Mariah Mills is a Medford native. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor's Degree in journalism. She also minored in sociology. In school, she covered Oregon athletics for the student-run television station, Duck TV. When she's not reporting, she’s reading, hiking and rooting for her favorite teams, the Seattle Seahawks and the Oregon Ducks.
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