Evacuations lowered in Hornbrook area

Hornbrook, Calif. — “You know when you come home… You’re relaxed. You’re home. And that’s the way it feels,” Hornbrook resident Andy Herskind said.

Last Friday, Andy Herskind was at the Yreka shelter uncertain of his future after getting evacuated the night before.

He’s very appreciative for the work of volunteers the last few days…

“The Red Cross was outstanding… Dog rescue was outstanding,” Herskind said.

But when he heard he could go home Tuesday night, his heart felt at ease.

“It feels great, yeah,” Herskind said.

While Herskind has a home to go back to, it’s not the same story for everyone.

In fact, most of his neighborhood is now destroyed.

“It’s just ruined,” Herskind said.

Hornbrook is one of a few places where evacuations have been lowered.

The community now has electricity again, but the water still isn’t drinkable.

Anyone with water in their home is being asked to boil, and for those who need it, cases of water are also being offered at the Chevron station.

“We got probably 14-15 cases of it… My grandson brought it over from the coast,” Herskind said.

As Herskind nestles back into his home, he knows things will never be the same for the rest of his community.

And now his focus is on his neighbors.

“When they get in this situation, you don’t know who’s gonna stay, who’s gonna go, who’s gonna re-build so… We don’t know that yet,” Herskind said.

But he will be ready to help and support them, as they deal with the devastating impacts of the Klamathon Fire.

For those that have no place to go home to, there is a behavioral service you can call at 530-842-8979

Veterans can also call the veterans service office at 530-542-8010

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