Happy Camp Complex challenges and evacuations

MEDFORD, Ore. – Firefighters would normally take State Route-96 to access the happy camp complex in the Klamath National Forest.

But because of the closures, they’re being forced to take a different route.

There are a lot of debris flows and slides on highway 96 in the Oak Knoll area.

Firefighters from Montague took Scott Bar Road to continue their efforts on the fire.

There was more rain than expected overnight with 2.5 inches falling on the east side of the complex over a three-hour period.

The west side only saw about half an inch.

Fire activity has slowed down because of the rain and firefighters say they want to take advantage.

But they also say, they don’t want to get too optimistic about the containment because trapped hot spots will resurface when areas dry up.

Public Information’s for the Happy Camp Complex, Mike Lindbery said, “on the side of the fire where we didn’t get any rain, when that happens, we’re going to start seeing a lot more fire behavior and I believe probably a couple days later, you’re going to start seeing more active fire behavior on the east side of the fire as well. So this fire is by no means out.”

Agencies responding to the complex emphasize that there’s more to be done before they can cease evacuations.

Taking a look at the current status of those evacs.

Zones in red are under evacuation — ‘Go Now’ orders.

Zones in yellow are ‘Be Set.’

With the addition of two new zones under orders to ‘Go Now’ that would be Sis-1301 and 1304.

To find your zone, go to community.zonehaven.com

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