Lawyers on Asante-related cases: possible side effects for alleged victims

MEDFORD, Ore. – Tuesday (2/13/2024), NBC5 News spoke to a local law firm representing alleged victims and their families in the possible drug diversion case being investigated by Medford police at Asante RRMC. In addition to the alleged deaths, NBC5 News is hearing that there could be dozens of victims who suffered other adverse effects potentially linked to the same alleged drug diversion case.

NBC5 News spoke to lawyers from Schlesinger and deVillenueve. While they can’t confirm how many of their clients were affected, they say that it’s possible the number will grow.¬†There are two main ways they are determining whether or not their clients were potentially affected.

The first way is if Asante had directly called them or a family member, saying that Asante suspects that they may have been a victim. According to the attorneys, their clients say that when Asante called them, the Asante representative encouraged them to undergo testing for blood- borne pathogens, such as hepatitis and HIV. The attorneys said this leads them to question whether or not the nurse allegedly diverting drugs, was using a non-sterile needle or foreign object to extract and replace pain medication.

The second way is their clients consult with them and the attorneys examine medical records and chart notes to help determine how likely it was that they were affected. Schlesinger and deVillenueve attorneys, like Shayla Steyart, said it has been emotionally difficult for their clients.

“Just the timing of it all. It’s gone on for a long time and people are getting these phone calls sometimes over a year later and its reopening that wound so whoever they’ve lost, they’re reliving it just as if it happened yesterday.”

Attorneys also say they’re piecing together similarities and differences in the cases. NBC5 News reached out to Medford police today, they say they’re still investigating.

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Maximus Osburn is a reporter for NBC5 News. He studied at California State University-Northridge, graduating with a degree in Broadcasting. Maximus is an avid martial arts enthusiast and combat sports fan. He even traveled to Thailand to train with martial arts experts. Maximus loves movies, nature, and doing things outside his comfort zone, like swimming in sub-freezing lakes in the winter.
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