Local couple advertise themselves in hopes of finding their ideal rental home

JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — Typically, when you search for a home, you look through websites or maybe go through a realtor.

Tim and Carlene say they’ve been searching for months, with no luck.

“How difficult it is to find a nice place in Jacksonville, really in any of the surrounding area as well, to find a good place, clean place, a nice neighborhood, you know, all of those things,” said Tim Donovan.

They decided to reverse the search, promoting themselves as renters and making a flyer to boast their best traits.

They say it took around 40 hours to brainstorm and create the flyers.

“I think we spent around $500 to get the mailer out, but it’s worth it if we find the right spot,” said Carlene Ashby.

The flyer includes their ideal move-in date, credit scores and contact information.

They also created a YouTube video and website.

They’ve gotten some attention, but not from anyone with a 2-3 bedroom home their looking to rent.

“We’ve gotten a couple, maybe two and you may be the second one. It just went out yesterday,” Tim and Carlene said.

Debbie Tollefson at Jacksonville Realty says the odds are slim that the couple will find the rental they seek.

“Generally, you know, they’re probably not gonna find one under $2000 a month,” she said.

Tollefson says around 70% of homes in the historic town are owned or occupied, making rentals scarce.

She says when rentals do come around, they’re snatched up within weeks.

“There are ADUs here, which are additional dwelling units, but they’re usually like tiny. These people are looking for a 3 bedroom house. You know, that’s like they’re looking for a unicorn,” said Tollefson.

However, she says the couple’s unique strategy of searching with the flyer could work in finding them a home.

“This is a way of directly, you know, appealing to everybody so it may work,” she added.

The couple is confident their strategy will bring them their dream home

“Love old character homes, that’s part of why we love Jacksonville, really,” said Carlene Ashby.

If you have a rental and you’re interested in having Tim and Carlene as your future tenants, they’re still searching and will expand their search to surrounding areas.

Visit their website here or call Tim at 541-951-6169.



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