Medford airport flights delayed due to foggy weather

MEDFORD, Ore. – Some Medford flights experienced multiple delays Thursday night (12/21/2023).

Medford Airport staff say it was due to the foggy weather conditions.

Friday morning (12/22/2023), the fog caused a real issue for travelers.

Passengers tell me that they experienced hours on top of hours of wait times and many of them left the airport a whole day after their scheduled departure.

Passenger, Christina West said,

“We had three delays today.”

There’s rarely a busier time at the Rogue Valley International Medford airport, than during the holiday season.

Friday morning (12/22/2023), many arriving passengers from areas like Northern California and Washington were actually supposed to arrive last night (12/21/2023).

Medford Airport director, Amber Judd said that anyone traveling during the holidays should try to be prepared for delays.

Amber Judd said,

“Fog is definitely affecting the airlines and nobody likes that. So, they can’t land. They can’t take off. So, anything that can’t come in last night, the fog came in pretty early, anything that couldn’t come in last night can’t go out this morning. So, its delayed, it pushed everything back a little bit.”

Safety is always the primary concern.

Amber Judd said,

“Winter weather can be challenging. But really just plan extra time, relax as much as you can. Know that you’re kind of out of your control especially when you’re flying. And so, you just kind of go with the flow and know that the goal is to get you there, and get you there safely, even if you’re a little late.”

Christina West’s flight was delayed multiple times.

But she said she and other passengers were taken care of, in terms of accommodations and meal vouchers.

West also said despite the stress of the holidays and the uncertainty of travel, it’s important to keep a positive attitude when travel complications like this hit.

West said,

“Go with the flow, you can’t change it, and just breathe, laugh. Have a few laughs with people next to you, make contact and we’re all here to help each other.”

MFR staff also say to stay in contact with your airline.

You can do that by downloading their respective apps, so you can stay up to date on cancellations, delays and conditions on the ground.

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