New KCC / OIT Partnership

Current Oregon Institute of Technology students who started off at Klamath Community College could be eligible for an associate degree under a new program announced this morning.

Oregon Tech President Chris Maples and K.C.C. President Roberto Gutierrez say the ‘reverse transfer’ program will enable more K.C.C. students to earn an associate degree.

President Gutierrez explains: “When a student moves out without a degree here, they can actually earn it with those classes they’re taking, and get the degree while they’re at O.I.T.”

President Maples notes that the partnership could also help Oregon reach a ’40 / 40 / 20′ goal by the year 2025…

“Where you have 40% of your population having at least a bachelors degree or better, 40% having an associates degree or certificate post high school, and the remaining 20% having at least a high school education.”

Dr. Gutierrez believes the new partnership will help students achieve their long-term goals…

“Research shows if this happens, that student gets that associates degree before the bachelors, chances are really high that they’re going to get their bachelors degree.”

Dr. Maples notes the partnership could help boost enrollment at both schools…

“Other universities in the state are starting to model this after the relationship that K.C.C. and Oregon Tech has.”

The pilot program will continue through the 2014 academic year.

Under the agreement, O.I.T. will notify former K.C.C. students who are potentially eligible for a ‘reverse transfer degree’ at the end of each term.

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