North Medford Football Coach

Mike Mitchell from Sand Point high school in Idaho is the new North Medford high school football coach. He has coached at 4 different high schools in Oregon, including hidden valley and grants pass back in the 70’s and 80’s and he also has small college coaching experience.

He says the success at North starts now.

“I think it’s sad the way this program is right now and I can’t put my finger on it, but I going to bring a new staff ready to work”

The black tornado have made a few playoff appearance in recent seasons, but they are no where near the elite program they once were. Coach Mitchell says he will be here until the program is turned around.

“I met a lot of the administration and they ask me how long I can stick around…I said I’m going to be here until the program is turned around…that’s how long”

As for the playbook, Mitchell runs the spread offense, but says he won’t be jumping into any scheme that he doesn’t have the players to run.

“You can’t come in and say we want to be a spread team and throw ball and run fast paced, because you could end up getting a lot of points scored on you”

Coach Mitchell will actually be gone for the spring practices as he finishes a prior obligation of coaching football in Croatia.

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