Oregon Senator pushes for 25th Amendment in regard to President Trump

PORTLAND, Ore. — Many local and national political leaders are pushing for President Trump’s removal from office after a mob of his supporters stormed the nation’s capitol Wednesday.

Oregon Senator, Ron Wyden, was in disbelief amid the evacuations.

He called the people who stormed the building – domestic terrorists.

Senator Wyden said the 25th amendment should be evoked, written in 1967 stating a president should be removed from office if he is unfit for office.

The law states that the Vice-President and a majority of the cabinet must first declare a president unable to perform his duties.

Wyden said Trump is a threat to the country in office.

“Is he going to send us off into some kind of foreign entanglement? Is he going to make dangerous appointments? Is he going to abuse the pardon power?,” Wyden said.

President-elect, Joe Biden’s, inauguration ceremony is set for Wednesday, January 20th.

Democrats said they will impeach President Trump if he doesn’t resign, but there is little chance that can done before his term ends.

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