Oregon’s annual ‘Bottle Hunt’ kicks off this week

SALEM, Ore. – Oregonians will get another chance to search for commemorative bottles hidden across the state.

Oregon’s Bottle Bill is looked up to around the world as a model for recycling. The bill was created 51 years ago to address the growing litter problem along Oregon beaches, highways and other public areas.

To celebrate the legislation and spread the word about recycling, the organization “BottleDrop” has created a statewide treasure hunt.

Six commemorative bottles have been hidden throughout the State of Oregon and BottleDrop is rolling out one clue a day, per bottle, to lead someone to each bottle.

The event runs from July 6th through the 10th.

Each finder gets to keep the bottle and direct a $1,000 donation to a charity of their choice.

To sign up for clues, visit http://www.bottledropcenter.com/hunt

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