TSA Procedure Changes at Portland International Airport

The Transportation Security Administration, otherwise known as the “TSA” is testing out a new rule at one Oregon airport– and it could make passing through security– easier for everyone.

As of Monday at the Portland International Airport– passengers over the age of 75 will no longer have to take off their shoes or light jackets to get through security.

Portland is just one of four cities nationwide to try this pilot program. Officials say the idea behind the project is to speed lower-risk passengers through the screening line and in turn, the TSA hopes all the lines will go faster.

This new procedure is also being tested in Chicago, Denver and Orlando.

Meantime in Chicago– a video shot back in 2010 showing a 3-year-old boy receiving a pat-down from a tsa agent went viral Monday.

As of this morning, the video has over 100,000 views. The toddler was wearing a cast and sitting in a wheelchair at Chicago’s Midway Airport.

In the video, a TSA officer is seen patting down the squirming boy and taking swabs of the chair and the cast.

The boy’s father says what the agent did to his son was un-fair, and he wants others to know.

Security officials noted the agency has changed its procedures since 2010 and said pat downs of children 12 and younger are now unlikely.

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