Local student gets lesson in new dimension of engineering

Central Point, Ore. — In a world where technology is always changing, it’s good to stay a step ahead.

Carlos Velazques, president of Epic Scan, said, “This new generation as they come through they’re going to eat this up and think why would you do it any other way.”

Kaden Petersen is a junior at Crater High School but is already getting a head start in the digital world. He said, “This is what I’ve most excited about getting to scan on a project and go through the whole process of doing the data and getting the 3D model of the statue.”

Kaden has been interning with epic scan for the past couple weeks. “It’s just good to learn from the pros.”

The company creates 3D maps and brings them to their clients. The information they provide gives architects an exact representation of the project they are working on.

It’s a growing trend in the engineering industry and it’s something Kaden is looking into doing in the future. “It feels really cool because hearing about it the past few weeks and finally getting out here and being part of the this amazing tech is awesome,” he said.

Wednesday, Kaden brought the technology to school.

He scanned the statue outside Crater High so he can turn it into a 3D model.

Velazquez said, “I love seeing young people interested in this field and the technology there is a lot to be done in this space.”

Velazquez is not only the president of Epic Scan, he’s also  a Crater High alum — excited to be back on his old stomping grounds, sharing his passion. He said, “Love sharing knowledge. Been doing 18 years and only way I’m going to grow is to share knowledge”

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