Local woman recovering from severe injuries after dog attack

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — A local woman is recovering from severe injuries after a dog latched onto her arm and wouldn’t let go.

The incident happened Tuesday afternoon in Central Point. Police told NBC5 News at the scene… they were left with no choice but to shoot and kill the dog to save the woman’s life.

Neighbors say they were shocked to hear gunshots and that it’s really an unfortunate situation for both the woman and dog.

“Am I sad that the dog got hurt and killed yes,” said Anthony Keele. “But if someone’s losing an arm, that’s stepping over the bounds.”

Police say the incident happened around 4 in the afternoon on the 900 block of Brandi Way after an 11-year-old called 911.

“This was way beyond a dog bite… this was a dog attack,” said Lt. Scott Logue, Central Point Police Dept.

When police arrived, they say a large pitbull had a hold of a 52-year-old woman’s arm and was showing no signs of letting go.

“[The dog] latched onto the victim’s arm and was attached to her arm during the entire duration from the time of the 911 call to when the officer arrived on scene,” said Lt. Logue.

Lt. Logue says in all his years at the department, he’s never responded to anything like it.

“I have no doubt that what the officer did and his quick thinking…,” Lt. Logue said. “He very potentially saved the life of the victim.”

As this was all unfolding, Anthony Keele says he was visiting family next door. That is until he heard the gunshots.

“My bet would be if she really lost that much of her arm that dog had a pretty good hold,” Keele said.

A pitbull owner himself, Keele says it’s, no doubt, an unfortunate situation for both the woman and the dog.

“People just need to realize the amount of power that’s behind any animal,” he said.

While the woman lost part of her arm in the attack, a hospital spokesperson told NBC5 News that the woman is in fair condition.

CPPD says, at this time, they didn’t find anything in their investigation to pursue criminally.

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