Man killed after explosions, fire in Grants Pass

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – A man died after a pair of explosions and a subsequent fire.

The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety said at about 10:30 Wednesday night, officers heard and felt two explosions near the Parkway Public Safety Station. They ran to where the explosions occurred near the river.

When officers arrived, they found a fire and tried to get it under control. However, fire extinguishers were of little help. They also found a man on fire, but they were initially unable to get to him because of the flames. Eventually, officers reached the man and used a nearby sleeping bag to stop him from burning. He was hospitalized and later died from his injuries.

The cause of the explosion remains under investigation, but investigators believe it may have been caused by small propane tanks.

On November 8, police identified the man as 65-year-old Kirt W. Morrill.

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