New Oregon license plate celebrates culture and diversity

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon is introducing a new license plate celebrating the culture and diversity of the state.

“The new design, built on a panorama of Oregon geography, reflects and respects the diversity of our culture at a time we need it most,” said Cultural Trust Board Chair Niki Price. “Cultural expression is how our communities define themselves – how they live their everyday lives, their traditions, their heritage, their creativity, their celebrations, their values and how they connect with one another. Our culture is the glue that can bind us together as Oregonians.”

The Oregon Cultural Trust said the “Celebrate Oregon!” plate features a tapestry of Oregon geography with 127 symbols representing different aspects of our collective arts, heritage, history, and cultural practices.

The new license plate will be available starting on October 1 on the Oregon DMV website, at DMV field offices and at car dealerships across the state.

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