Oregon bill could prohibit landlords from charging pet fees

SALEM, Ore – A new bill could prohibit landlords from charging extra fees for pets.

In Oregon, landlords are currently allowed to charge additional rent or fees for people with pets. House Bill 2683 could change that practice.

The bill states, “… a landlord may not increase the rent or charge to a tenant a one-time, monthly or other periodic amount based on the tenant’s possession of a pet.”

According to State Representative Rob Nosse, initial pet deposits would still be allowed.

The act would only apply to new, renewed or modified agreements made after the bill is signed into law.

KGW reports some people are worried the bill could backfire, resulting in landlords refusing to allow pets at all or raising rent across the board.

One of the bill’s co-sponsors, Rep. Tawna Sanchez, told KGW, “Having been a biological parent, foster parent, and a pet parent, I can say children do more damage than pets and no one charges more for each kid. So why should people be required to pay additionally for a pet beyond an initial deposit.”

The bill has not yet gone up for a vote and remains in House committee.

This article has been updated to include clarification regarding initial deposits.

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