Oregon’s wine and spirit industries facing glass bottle shortage

Author: Christelle Koumoué (KGW)

PORTLAND, Ore (KGW). — Oregon distilleries and wineries are struggling with yet another shortage amid the pandemic: glass bottles.

“Depending on our product, we might choose a different bottle — something that might be in stock for suppliers,” said Jake Holshue with Rogue Spirits.  “It also means your favorite whiskeys and spirits might have to wait a while.”

The challenge is getting bottles packaged, shipped and distributed. The shortage is connected to backups in the supply chain brought on by the pandemic.

Holshue said the Newport-based distillery may not get the bottles it needs until next year.

“If this doesn’t get resolved sooner rather than later, January through March, I’d be a little lean on the shelves and we might have to see some shortages.”

For the wine industry, the shortage is impacting glass bottles as well as labels and the glue to apply them on bottles.

Gary Mortensen with Stoller Wine Group in Dayton said with extra work, they’ve been able to secure the necessary supply.

“We just don’t know how much longer this will last, so it’s just good insurance to look into the future if you can.”

Holshue believes distilleries will overcome this latest pandemic challenge.

“We are very resilient and the good news is there are a lot of good folks in this industry who are willing to help out others,” he said. “We don’t see it as competition. So if we have something that another distillery needs, they can come borrow a cup of sugar.”

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