OSP trooper helps save bald eagle

BEATTY, Ore. – An Oregon State Police trooper helped save an injured bald eagle this past Sunday.

According to OSP, Sergeant First Class Hand responded to a report from a rancher near Beatty that an eagle was spotted several times in an alfalfa field. It appeared to be injured.

Hand arrived at the property so he and the rancher could catch the eagle. But each time they tried to actually find it, SFC Hand and the ranch manager were unsuccessful. But they noticed each time it was seen, the eagle was getting closer and closer to the ranch manager’s residence.

Later on in the day, the ranch manager texted SFC Hand with another report of an eagle sighting. When the trooper arrived, he found the bald eagle resting in a spot of shade. Using a coat, SFC Hand was able to capture the eagle. With no other choice, the trooper transported the eagle in the back of his patrol car.

OSP said the eagle was taken to Badger Run Wildlife Rehab in Keno, Oregon. It appears to have suffered a dislocated wing.

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