Public weighs in on minimum wage in Salem

OREGON STATE POLITICSSalem, Ore. — A possible change in Oregon’s minimum wage is the hot topic in Salem. The Senate Workforce Committee heard from a wide range of business owners and organizations Tuesday as they consider a number of proposals.

Among those is one from Governor Kate Brown that would create a tiered system to raise the minimum wage to $14.50 in the Portland Urban Growth Boundary and $13.25 everywhere else by the year 2022. Those who spoke in favor of the legislation say it will improve worker morale, and decrease turnover rates. Those opposed say it will be devastating to small business, and some farmers say they’ll move elsewhere.

The Senate will likely vote on the measure on Thursday. If it passes it will then go to the House.

As of January 1st, Oregon has the 9th highest minimum wage in the country, as 7 states including Washington D.C. raised the minimum wage at the beginning of the new year.


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